And...we're back!

So, back in Montreal and the land of the internet connection...I spent a wonderful, relaxing few days with my family in northern Ontario and am just about ready to tackle the big city again.

My grandparents have an amazing cottage on Lake Joseph in the Muskoka Lakes region, an area known for beautiful scenery, quaint (and not-so-quaint mansion-like) cabins, water-related fun, sun, and the good life. We call it "God's Country"...and I call it home...the place where I feel most myself.
I've been visiting this personal paradise every summer since I was 4 months-old...only missing two summers along the way. My dad has been coming here since he was a little boy and ditto for my grandfather. There's tradition here. There's history. There's family. This house is over 100 years old and the Evans family have been it's caretakers for only a fraction of that time...hopefully we will continue in that capacity for a long, long time.

This is where I really relax. I catch up on my reading, I sail, I swim, I waterski, I nap (a lot), and I space out. It's easy to lose track of time. One minute you're eating breakfast and the next time you glance at the clock, you realize that it's already Happy Hour. From sunrise to sunset to the middle of the night Muskoka is beautiful...see for yourself. Here are some previously classified images of the secret Evans family hideaway...enjoy.

He wants to know what happens too!
Tough game of Probe.
Not a Probe fan...
I was the only one to tame the wild bucking bronco swan!!

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  1. Yeehaw!!! Ride 'em Geegs! You're doing quite the job of mutton bustin' that swan (I'm trying to use some Texan slang here.... maybe I'll throw in the word, "wildcatter" for those of you who were in on the Probe game :)