Photo montage...

So, I'm feeling a little lazy today and also feeling very visual, so I'm just going to share some photos from the last few days with captions. Holler if you want me to elaborate on any of these...they're numbered for reference...teacher 'til the end, eh? :)
1) Ka-pow! Musée des Beaux-Arts, Montréal
2) Love dans la rue...Plateau Mont-Royal

3) Moon, streetlights, and the "Theater of Today"

4) Modern dance in the park, Parc du Lafontaine

5) Albino Squirrel!!! Seriously, pink eyes and all!

6) Conversation over coffee, classmates at Maman Clafoutie

7) Gummi fighter planes anyone?
8) Chez nous...the DORM!
9) Stairways...Plateau Mont-Royal
10) Le cinéma...went to see "Les Femmes du 6e étage"...2 thumbs up!
11) "Look up for a minute"...a good reminder

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  1. Today we bought gummi Army men (yes, they were green) in Nova Scotia. Maybe they are meant to go in the gummi fighter jets?