T'aimes ça...manger des patates???

Okay, for those of you who haven't ever had me as a teacher, the title of this post may not make much sense. For those of you who have been in one of my classes, need I say more?? (If you're curious...check it out: http://www.tetesaclaques.tv/video.php?vid=30)

It seemed the perfect quote to introduce the topic of eating on PEI...potatoes are one of their main agricultural fortés. In fact, while driving through western PEI, I had to swerve to avoid potatoes in the road thinking they were large, tire-destroying rocks.

Chocolate-covered potato chips

The potatoes were, in a word, exceptional. I had them fried, mashed and baked...and the best, chocolate covered. They sound slightly scary, but they were delicious. We even got to see them being made, which always makes things taste better...well, most of the time.

Making the choco-chips

Also delicious and not scary at all was Cows Ice Cream. Apparently, this was voted the best ice cream in Canada and made a top ten list of best ice cream in the world. Although I haven't sampled all of the other top ten finalists, I can vouch for Cows. In order to be as scientific as possible, we sampled several flavors...my favorite was PEI Blueberry.


Multiple plates from the 60-foot salad bar
Celebrating Canada Day in style
The mussels were amazing and there are lobster dinners everywhere you turn. How can you go wrong in a place that serves lobster at church socials?? In fact, the photo of me with maple leaf tats was taken at the home of the 60-foot salad bar, which made up just a small part of the official lobster dinner on the menu. It was a great way to celebrate Canada Day in style...now if only I could get my pants to fit again...

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