Loose Ends

Well, there's a point in almost every long trip where you feel that you've overstayed your welcome and that it's just time to go home. I'm there. This has been an amazing few weeks, but it's to the point where there's not much more to be seen, not much more that I'm eager to do and I'm ready to get back to a normal daily routine of grocery shopping, cleaning, lesson planning, and so forth.

It feels a little like Quebec has turned on me. What was once just background noise is now the source of aggravation...the heat and humidity, the throngs of tourists in Quebec City, the clochards and festival crowds in Montreal. I still love it here...it's just time to go home. Rather than continuing in this navel-gazing vein, I'll just share some photos from my return to Quebec City and some final shots of Montreal...tomorrow before leaving for Chi-town, I'll do a proper retrospective of the trip as a whole that won't be whiny...promise.
En route from Quebec to Montreal
Finally! A real hotel room...treating myself at last!

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