Indy...pre-SuperBowl...part 1

So, as I reflected on the New Year as Christmas wound down, I realized that it had been awhile (since July!) since I'd been somewhere new. I was getting itchy feet. So, I made one, and only one, resolution...to travel somewhere new in the New Year. Rather than give myself a chance to put things off, I went directly onto the Megabus website and booked myself a little 32-hour trip to Indianapolis leaving on New Year's Day!

I've never ridden Megabus before, but it wasn't too bad...other than the immensely overweight guy with onion breath, who fell asleep and snored stinkily into my face the whole time. Ah, well...got off the bus and walked in a staggeringly strong wind to my hotel, the JW Marriott. It is brand new and gorgeous! I had booked a room on Priceline and upon arrival was upgraded to an Executive Room on the top (33rd) floor. What a view of downtown Indy! It was kind of interesting to see the small cluster of tall buildings after getting used to Chicago's sprawling, spiny skyline.

The main purpose of my trip was to visit the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art. I have always been fascinated by Native American culture and this place has been towards the top of my domestic travel list for awhile. But, I found that somehow after being enveloped in an oniony cloud on the bus for three hours, having lunch, watching cable TV and taking a nap sounded more appealing than braving the crazy wind gusts to walk across the street to the museum.

So, I ate a veggie burger and watched about 20 football games at the same time in the hotel's bar...snuggled up in my king-size bed...and dozed through about 800 episodes of House Hunters International on HGTV. The moral of this story is that Indy is a sports town, the executive-level beds ARE more comfortable, and I subliminally got the idea to buy a villa in Martinique.

After waking up somewhat disoriented, I realized that the museum was closed and would have to wait until tomorrow. So, I settled in for a night of TV and Kindle-reading and decided to treat myself to another first. Room Service!! Why is it that an overpriced, late-night Cobb Salad tastes so much better than your average, day-time salad? I can't say, but I impulsively placed an order for breakfast to be delivered in the a.m...

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